Today is Juneteenth! It's the day that celebrates the anniversary of when the last enslaved peoples of the United States liberated themselves. That's a big deal because it's not the same day that slavery was ended. Texas was a holdout — they kept enslaved peoples for two and a half years after the institution of slavery was abolished. Today is a day of celebration for the Black community here in the United States but also stands as a symbol of intentionally oppressive and racist behavior that disregards progress. 

We've seen this behavior again this year as cops continue to incite violence despite peaceful protesting, 45 holding a rally in Tulsa, OK on the 99th anniversary of one of the most horrific terrorist attacks ever to occur on US soil, as well as, 45's administration erasing transgender protections in health care on the anniversary of the deadliest terrorist attack since 9/11.

This is not the email I wanted to write on Juneteenth. To our Black customers, partners, peers, friends, and family, enjoy the holiday. God knows you deserve a day to celebrate, come together, remember those who we've lost, look forward to new life, and recharge your energy and spirit.

To our White customers, partners, peers, friends, and family, today is a day to celebrate and reflect. We've got a long fight ahead, but we can win and bring incredible change to this country and world. While our Black community celebrates, it's our job to fight for the change they are demanding.

The recipes collected this week are intended to celebrate Juneteenth from Black food bloggers and recipe developers. They were compiled to celebrate Black culinary traditions for this holiday.

Echoing the past couple of weeks, one of the best ways to build a more equitable country is by supporting Black-owned businesses. Here's a list of restaurants to order from

Have a great weekend and Happy Juneteenth!


This is from our recipe newsletter released on June 19th, 2020. View the recipes celebrating Juneteenth here.

The recipes collected are from the 2020 Juneteenth Cookout Takeover feature Black food creatives including:

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