Our 10th Week is Live!

Wow! We honestly could never have imagined that we'd be doing this for 10 weeks, let alone what we'd be doing at this point. When we first created our Farm Box, we set out to provide support to small family-owned farms in the SF Bay Area. The times demanded that farmers needed alternative channels to sell their produce and their customers needed a safe way to get it.

As we launch our 10th week, we're not moving away from our original mission of helping small farms. Instead, we're adapting to the times again, addressing another demand: supporting minority-owned businesses and specifically Black-owned businesses. We're so honored to be able to partner with La Cocina, Goddess Butter, Crumble & Whisk, Hella Tea, Peaches Patties, and Moms 4 Housing to proactively work toward a more equitable and fair future for this country. 

We're a small team, so we're not always able to move incredibly fast. However, COVID-19 exposed some of the harshest realities and inequalities that exist in this country. The emotional, mental, and physical effects of those inequalities have been felt all over the world these past couple weeks. We took fast action at the beginning, we're doing our best to do it again.

Our work is far from over. In establishing these partnerships and working with these incredible businesses and organizations, we're taking the first steps towards the future we want to live in. A future that includes housing for everyone, safety for everyone, and a future for everyone.

Have a great rest of your weekend and, as always, we'd love to hear what you thought about your last box. Let us know here.

- Stephen and the Farm Box by 409 + Co team

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