Our 12th Week is Live!

Things have been pretty heated these past couple weeks. I certainly have felt that in the emails I've been writing to you and the rest of the Farm Box community. But, today I want to talk about rest and recovery. 

Personally, participating in a revolution has taken a pretty considerable toll on my mental health. I realized that I couldn't help fight the Good fight, without ensuring that I was taking care of myself. Not only did I need to check in about my mental, but also physically. Was I eating enough? Getting a good night's sleep? Drinking enough water?

Answering those questions and adjusting is relatively easy. I'm drinking more water and making sure to stop working at 10:00 pm so I can get ready for bed. Where I struggled a bit more is with the question of, how do I amplify Black voices, creatives, and activists while taking a break from social media?

In the end, I decided that removing myself from social media for a bit was better than remaining active. Instead, I used the opportunity to get some reading done, listen to podcasts, and reflect on myself during this pivotal time. 

I highly encourage you to do the same. 

Some other resources that have helped me keep my mind in a good place have definitely been some of our partner's products. Goddess Butter's Cocoa & Shea blend allows me to pamper myself a bit. Also, Cache Creek Lavendar's sachets are the perfect aromatherapy when I can't sleep. I've also become a fan of the app Calm.

In the end, please make sure to take care of yourself this week and be kind to yourself & others. 

Have a great rest of your weekend and, as always, we'd love to hear what you thought about your last box. Let us know here.

- Stephen and the Farm Box by 409 + Co team

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