July is here! The seventh month of 2020 - wild. Independence Day is this weekend for us here in the United States! 

If you're celebrating the 4th of July with friends and family this weekend, then please be safe and responsible. We're still in a global pandemic so take the necessary precautions. (We've got some great add-ons to celebrate with). Here are some tips on how to have a COVID compliant Independence Day Celebration:

  • Be diligent about who you invite: keep it small limiting your group to max eight people. Try not to introduce anyone new into the fold. Avoid in-person contact with anyone who is high-risk or immuno-compromised. 
  • Prepare the party space: keep people outside and organize seating ahead of time. That way people are discouraged from touching/moving chairs. Consider making separate serving and dining spaces with biodegradable disposable utensils.
  • Keep it clean: create a handwashing station using hand sanitizer or even a hose and soap. Have garbage and recycling bins easily accessible outside. 
  • Food brings people (and germs) together: as much as possible, serve food directly from the grill onto someone's clean unused plate. No finger foods.
  • BYO - Everything: tell guests to "Bring Your Own - Everything" including drinks, snacks, sides, desserts, etc. You can always share recipes if something looks amazing!
  • More tips on socializing, bathrooms, cleanup, and just having fun can be found here

Have a great week and holiday weekend and, as always, we'd love to hear what you thought about your last box. Let us know here.

- Stephen and the Farm Box by 409 + Co team

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