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Happy Quail Farms Relishes Over 30 Years of Farming Success with its Farm-Style Pepper Relish!

Our original partners, Happy Quail Farms, announced today it’s “Good Food Award” winning relish: the Farm-Style Pepper Relish!

Packed in a “shelf-stable pint-sized jar”, the relish is claimed to spark your taste buds with a variety of flavor - sweet, spicy, earthy, sour… you name it.

To ensure food quality, our partners harvested peak-season peppers (not a surprise since it’s what they’ve really been good at).

Pimiento de padron
The famous ‘Pimiento de Padron’

What’s New Today

In their Facebook post dated today, our partners can be seen teasing us with the pepper relish being put into a hot dog bun (see video clip).

The post reads:

“Hey! Not to bother you or anything, we know you’re busy... but we really think you should try our Farm-Style Pepper Relish. It has all the delicious flavor of our peak-season peppers in a shelf-stable pint sized jar. With a mix of sweet and spicy peppers, a bit of onions and apple cider vinegar... Well, let’s just say there’s a reason it won the Good Food Award. We’re not one to tell you what to do, far from it, you do you! However, it’d be a shame if you didn’t try this Relish.

A few other things:

1. There’s no sugar added, so it’s a healthy treat

2. Purchases support the last farm of East Palo Alto (we’re a small family run business 😄)

3. We ship nationwide

4. Get yours today and get 10% off your order with code: RELISHTHERELISH

Try it on a Grilled Cheese, Tuna Salad, Hot Dogs, or Plain with Tortilla Chips, there’s no end to the possibilities!”

Hmmm.. it seems really appetizing if you look at it! This should be a perfect food idea on lockdown.

Click here to learn how to make another delicious pepper relish.

Tracing the Success of the Farm Business from the Past 30 Years

Here at Farm Box, we are proud to stand by our partners from Happy Quail Farms.

In many ways owe our origins to Happy Quail Farms, as we'd not be in this space were it not for co-founder Andreas Winsberg growing up on this farm in East Palo Alto.

For over 30 years now, this family business has fully carved its space in the farmer’s markets, all thanks to its resilient and visionary members.

Catapulted to fame by its locally-sourced Pimientos de Padrón, the business has forever changed the face of pepper distribution in the country!

David Winsberg of Happy Quail Farms
David Winsberg of Happy Quail Farms

It’s very rewarding to know that the inspiring efforts in the past are what kept the farms going to this day. The pepper relish is truly relishing in its success!

Read more about Happy Quail Farms’ inspiring story here.

Make your order now to relish the relish.

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