End of Summer Produce Storage Tips

Keeping your produce fresh for the coming seasons is impossible to do if you don’t master the end of summer produce storage tips.

Other important factors to consider, if you’re serious in prolonging your produce life, are their quality and type. Trust me - they matter a lot. Getting to know your produce helps you predict it’s lifespan.

Fortunately in this blog, we’ll be opening the farm box to find out the best end of summer produce to store for the next many months, including the storage tips appropriate for each produce.

Hurry - let’s find out what’s in the farm box...

End of summer produce stored
End of summer produce stored in the fridge

5 Best End of Summer Produce Storage Tips

Here are the 5 best storage tips for you...

1. Corn
Top Recipe with Corn: Coconut-Cream Corn and Grains

Corn is known for its crisp feel and flavor. It’s also known to last for 1-2 weeks, except its sweetness. Thus, others immediately consume corn to experience its sweetness. That doesn’t mean you can’t preserve its sweetness though.

Storage Tip Instructions:

  • Make sure to harvest healthy, fresh, and ripe ears.
  • Do not remove the husk.
  • Cover the corn with a moistened paper bag.
  • Store it in a resealable plastic bag.
  • Store it in the fridge.

2. Peaches
Top Recipe w/ Peaches: Peach-Cherry Galette

Peaches, like most end of summer produce, are a bit tricky to store. Why? Well for starters, you’ve got to consider whether they’re fully ripe or not before deciding on how to store them. But thanks to this storage trick, you can save both ripe and unripe peaches for the coming 7-8 months.

Storage Tip Instructions:

  • Once acquiring the peaches, peel them and slice them into preferred sizes.
  • Place them on a plate.
  • Place the plate in the freezer. Let it stay for 2 days.
  • After 2 days, transfer the sliced peaches to a zip bag.
  • Continue freezing the peaches.

3. Romaine Lettuce
Top Recipe w/ Lettuce: Stir-Fried Garlic Lettuce

There’s a good reason romaine lettuce made it in my list of top 5 end of summer produce storage tips: it’s easy to store. And, it sure stays fresh for a couple of weeks to a month. I personally like it for its sounding crisp and savory feel.

Storage Tip Instructions:

  • Manually remove the leaves from the stem.
  • Wrap them with a paper napkin to rid them of moisture.
  • Place the wrapped leaves inside a zip bag. Keep the bag slightly open to encourage ventilation.
  • Refrigerate the bag.

4. Carrots
Top Recipe w/ Carrots: Carrot Fries w/ Spicy Dipping Sauce

Carrots. Yum…. I just love to include them in every healthy dish. They’re great on lock-down due to their 5-6-month lifespan. On top of that, they’re exceptionally delicious and nutritious!

Storage Tip Instructions:

Option # 1 (5-6 months):

  • Don’t wash the carrots.
  • Cover them with sand. Put in just a sufficient amount of the sand or until the carrots are slightly buried.
  • Ensure that the storage location is somewhere cool and well-ventilated.

Option #2 (10 months- 1 year):

  • Bury the carrots in the ground. Find the best ventilated and dry spot (not too dry).
  • Add in manure to freeze the ground.

Option #3 (1 year- 6 months):

  • Peel off their skin.
  • Slice them into preferred sizes.
  • Boil them briefly.
  • Store them in a plastic container.
  • Store them in the freezer.

5. Beets
Top Recipe w/ Beets: Beet Tostadas with Fried Eggs

Great news, beet fans out there: Beets can stay fresh between 2-4 months in cold storage. Beets have a unique capacity to resist moisture. By using an even more effective storage trick, it can last for a ton of recipes within 5 months.

Storage Tip Instructions:

  • Remove the leaves off the beets.
  • Place the leaves and the beets into separate storage packs (vented).
  • Store the packs in the fridge.
  • Consume the leaves/greens ahead of the beets since they have a shorter life. You can mix them into salads.
Beet tostadas with fried eggs made possible by end of summer produce storage tips
Beet tostadas with fried eggs


All 5 best end of summer produce storage tips practically assist you into sustaining your produce for the many seasons to come. These ideas should come in handy especially during difficult seasons, emergencies, and other challenges.

The summer is about to pass! Begin your storage today by picking the best produce.

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