Organic Stone Ground Corn Tortilla, 1 dozen from Primavera - San Francisco Farmers Market Delivery

Stone Ground Corn Tortilla, 1 dozen

from Primavera

These handmade tortillas go great with just about anything, did someone say quesadillas?

About The Vendor



Boyes Hot Springs, CA | Website

Karen started Primavera in 1991 after years of working as the chef at a Mexican restaurant in Sonoma. All of Primavera’s products are made by hand in a commercial kitchen. Corn masa (the main ingredient in tortillas and tamales) is made both fresh from dried corn and from pre-ground corn flour. Fresh masa is made by soaking dried white corn with lime (the mineral) and then milling it in a 15-horsepower stone grinder. Primavera is always experimenting with new recipes; Karen’s Mexican employees have made several contributions to their menu.

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