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Grassfed Whole Milk, 48 oz

from Alexandre Family Farm


Alexandre Family Farm 100% Grassfed Milk comes from cows that are pastured year-round on our regenerative organic farm.  They VAT pasteurize – low and slow – to preserve the delicious flavor of this nutrient-rich milk/yogurt with the cream on top; and we do not process the milkfat levels  – so you get the changing milkfat levels that nature provides.

Milkfat levels range 5%-3.5%

About The Vendor

Alexandre Family Farm

Alexandre Family Farm

Crescent City, CA | Website | TODAY Show Feature | Forbes Article

Where the redwoods meet the sea in Northern California’s Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, we – Blake and Stephanie Alexandre – along with our five children – work together as a family. Our primary focus is on health – and starts with the soil. This is where we cultivate a complex nutrient cycle that takes root in our year-round green grasses, and comes full circle on your table in the form of delicious, nutrient-dense organic milk and eggs. Our dairy cows and our hens enjoy true outdoor living as they graze open pastures alongside each other, a way of farming that the Cornucopia Institute describes as, “Exemplary – beyond organic.”

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