Organic Chicken Mole Tamales, 4 tamales from Primavera - San Francisco Farmers Market Delivery

Chicken Mole Tamales, 4 tamales

from Primavera


These tamales taste so good, they're actually our favorite. They make these special for the farmers market and if you like the complex flavors of mole, then you should definitely try these.

Wrapped in a banana leaf with yummy corn masa and chicken/mole in the middle, we think these will become your favorite as well.

These are slightly larger than the other tamales and they're very rich, enjoy!

About The Vendor



Boyes Hot Springs, CA | Website

Karen started Primavera in 1991 after years of working as the chef at a Mexican restaurant in Sonoma. All of Primavera’s products are made by hand in a commercial kitchen. Corn masa (the main ingredient in tortillas and tamales) is made both fresh from dried corn and from pre-ground corn flour. Fresh masa is made by soaking dried white corn with lime (the mineral) and then milling it in a 15-horsepower stone grinder. Primavera is always experimenting with new recipes; Karen’s Mexican employees have made several contributions to their menu.

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