Our Commitment to Black Lives Matter

Hi, So we're exhausted and we think a lot of you are too. The past week has been an incredible time of change and energy that has coursed through the veins of the entire world. Here at Farm Box by 409 + Co, we've been working around the clock to commit to anti-racist business structures. That being said, we have a couple of updates.

First, over the course of this week, we've been reaching out to black-owned businesses across the SF Bay Area. We'll be offering a selection of their products with the Farm Box starting next week. Please reach out to us if you know of any black-owned businesses that could use our support.

Second, we've been using our voices as individuals and as a collective to amplify the messaging of the Black Lives Matter movement. You can find members of our team in protests across the country.

Lastly, we understand that taking on this position may alienate some of our customers. We never anticipated using Farm Box by 409 + Co as a tool to combat police brutality and racism. However, the current times demand swift and decisive actions from individuals, businesses, and systems.

We want to be part of that change.

Please stay safe.

If you want to join us in our commitment to being anti-racist please refer to this resource: bit.ly/ANTIRACISMRESOURCES

- the Farm Box by 409 + Co team

published 06/03/2020

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