Our Food Standards

We're pretty picky about who we partner with...

It's really important to us that you have peace of mind every time you order a Farm Box. We partner directly with producers, visit many of their farms and taste-test their products to make sure everything is in line with our standards for quality, flavor and ethical business practices.

For example, McGinnis Ranch is a group of incredible third- and fourth-generation farmer ladies. They're lady-owned, their produce is organically grown, and they keep it small by focusing on farming fourteenish acres in Monterey County.

Never Boring

Sometimes our boxes have items that you've never seen before, or never dared to try. We want you to explore new fruits and vegetables, flavors, textures, experiences, and more! That's why we constantly challenge our team to come up with new curated experiences within each base box that allow our foodies to try something new. 

Like this box that has morettini pears, yellow peaches, cranberry beans, dry-farmed early girl tomatoes, and sweet basque fryer peppers!

Always Delicious

Spicy? Sweet? We all have an idea of what something is going to taste like and we try to make sure that every single item that gets put into our boxes simply tastes amazing. We frequently taste-test our partner's goods to make sure that it'll be delicious raw or cooked. If it's not at it's peak of flavor, you won't find it in our boxes.

Local & Small Partners

Every single farm, artisan, and organization that we partner with is local to the San Francisco Bay Area. 100% of the farms we work with own less than 300 acres* and are all family run.

Louis Iacopi and his son, Mike, manage 165 acres over in Half Moon Bay. In 1962, Louis began his farming career with 200 acres in Half Moon Bay. 

*According to the USDA, small family farms average 231 acres; large family farms average 1,421 acres and the very large farm average acreage is 2,086.

Uplifting Our Communities

We want to ensure that more and more communities within the Bay Area are getting the support they need. That includes fostering the success of the businesses owned and operated by those same community members. We're proud to partner with La Cocina to support BIPOC & women entreprenuers. 

Chef Guisell is the owner of Sabores Del Sur, Walnut Creek's first South American restaurant and the Bay Area's premier South American catering company. 

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