Organic Armenian Cucumbers, 16 oz from Balakian Farms - San Francisco Farmers Market Delivery

Armenian Cucumbers, 16 oz

from Balakian Farms

These funky cucumbers are known for their shape and the fact that they supposedly don't make you burb. Also, they look beautiful when sliced at an angle.

About The Vendor

Balakian Farms

Balakian Farms

Reedley, CA | Website

Creativity has been one of the key ingredients in sustaining Balakian Farms. As a fourth generation farmer, I am committed to continuing our fusion of family values, innovation and tradition. Our goal is to reach beyond the short-term to create a sustainable, and, healthy internal and external environment that fosters ongoing learning, communication and trust. Tradition serves as our foundation, and extends throughout all our channels of distribution, big and small.

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