Organic Copy of Dark Chocolate Almond Brittle, 4 oz from G. L. Alferi Farms - San Francisco Farmers Market Delivery

Gourmet Hot Cocoa Stick, 1.6 oz

from Charlotte Truffles


Warm up with this incredible chocolate treat from the award winning Charlotte Truffles. This dark chocolate stick is blended with coffee and cinnamon, and ginger and cayanne to add a little heat. Simply heat up your favorite milk and stir in the stick for instant hot cocoa.

About The Vendor

Charlotte Truffles

Charlotte Truffles

San Jose, CA | Website

Charlotte immigrated to the US when she was 8 years old. When she first moved, she tried hard to assimilate herself to a new culture and learning a new language right in the middle of the school year. This entire process was not an easy one. But to make things even more exciting, things that were cool back in Indonesia were, definitely, not cool in the US. But one day, a young blonde girl named Ashley, stood up for me in front all my friends. She continued to do this for me for the rest of the year.And without her knowing it, Ashley taught me that being different is incredible. In fact,being different is cool and we should celebrate our differences and diversity. This chocolate shop is my way to keep the message going. A place where everyone is welcome and a place where we can celebrate the diversity of our community. This is exactly the reason why our chocolate selections are more unique. We choose flavors that represent a specific culture. And we look forward to represent more cultures as we expand our product offer. Ultimately, I am celebrating the diversity of our community through chocolates.

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