Organic Fava Beans, 16oz from Iacopi Farms - San Francisco Farmers Market Delivery

Fava Beans, 16oz

from Iacopi Farms


Listen, these can be lots of work, but if you go through the trouble shelling'm and peeling'm... well, they taste all the better. Better yet, you have a loved one willing to do the work for you.

About The Vendor

Iacopi Farms

Iacopi Farms

Half Moon Bay, CA | Website

Since 1962, father and son team Louis and Mike Iacopi have been farming 200 acres in the cool, seaside town of Half Moon Bay. Iacopi Farms is best known for their fresh shelling and dry bean varieties. They also grow a wide-selection of fresh produce including English peas, fava beans, sugar snap peas, artichokes and more

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