Organic Garlic, 1 bunch from Oya Organics - San Francisco Farmers Market Delivery

Garlic, 1 head

from Oya Organics

Did you know that garlic is affectionately called "the stinking rose," garlic is powerfully flavorful and medicinal! Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidizing and anti-cancerous, it truly is a wonder of the culinary world. 

About The Vendor

Oya Organics

Oya Organics

Hollister, CA | Website

As first and second generation immigrants, we bring knowledge from our family’s farming backgrounds and apply them to this soil, where we are the first in our families to own a farm in this country. Our fields in Hollister, CA are a tapestry of color and texture - with over 50 different crops growing at a given time. This intentional biodiversity provides habitat for native insects and wildlife, and allows microorganisms in the soil to flourish - making for nutrient rich & flavorful produce.

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