La Cocina Food Box | Omnivore

La Cocina Food Box | Omnivore


We're so excited about the opportunity to deliver La Cocina Community Food Boxes! This box is not vegetarian.

Each week the La Cocina Food Box items will change weekly to feature foods from different La Cocina businesses.

The box feeds about 2-4 people. Orders close on Tuesday at 4:45 pm PST.

Boxes are delivered on Friday, and are not available for pickup. Delivery is included in the price.

What's In The Box

Pad Thai Sauce by TacoThai

sweet and tangy sauce for a popular Thai stir fried noodle dish

Allergen: None

Obleas & Dulce de Leche by Bocadito Colombian Snackeria

Colombian obleas crafted in San Francisco with Bocadito’s original dulce de leche.

Allergen: Dairy, Eggs, Wheat

Baobab Juice & Protein Bar by Teranga

Juice: organic, small-batch, handcrafted nutritious baobab-based drink | Protein Bar: Nuts and dried fruits in a date and baobab blend base. Baobab is citrus-like in flavor and is a superfood.

Allergen: Tree Nuts

Relleno de Papa by Mission Boricua

Puerto Rican delicious mashed potato ball filled with picadillo meat

Allergen: Eggs

Jerk Chicken Patties and Jamaican Beef Patties by Peaches Patties

Pastry filled with Jamaican style Jerk chicken or minced beef sauteed with thyme and warm spices.

Allergen: Wheat, Dairy

Za’atar Man'oushe & Cheese Mana'eesh by Reem’s

Za’atar Man'oushe: Flatbread with thyme, sumac, sesame, olive oil & salt | Cheese Mana'eesh: Flatbread with Akkawi (salt-brined cheese)

Allergen: Dairy, Wheat

Pollo en Salsa Verde Tamales by Los Cilantros

Corn masa tamal with chicken in tomatillo green sauce

Allergen: Dairy

San Francisco Garlic Noodles by Boug Cali

Buttery Garlic Pasta with Blackened Shrimp

Allergen: Shellfish

Nacho Mama’s Quezo by The Uncreamery & Pass the Sauced

Jarred sauce with a combination of nut cheese (vegan) from the Uncreamery with Salsa from Pass the Sauced - all mixed together into a spicy cheese sauce

Allergen: Tree Nuts