Proyecto Diaz Coffee, 12oz

Proyecto Diaz Coffee, 12oz

from Proyecto Diaz Coffee


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REGION: Chiapas, Mexico
PRODUCER: The Cifuentes & Roblero Family
PROCESS: Single Origin — Washed
TASTING NOTES: Black Cherry, Burnt Caramel, Cacao

About The Vendor

Proyecto Diaz Coffee

Proyecto Diaz Coffee

San Leandro, CA | Website

ernando Diaz and his family have a lineage rooted in coffee. Though Proyecto Diaz Coffee started roasting beans in 2014, the Diaz family’s history stretches back to the early 1900s, when Fernando’s great-grandfather began growing coffee in Oaxaca, Mexico. That legacy persists today; Fernando’s grandfather Juan continues to grow coffee on his farm, El Carmen; his father, Genaro, roasts the coffee; his wife, Hannah-Love, does production and design; and Fernando does outreach and coffee selection.

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