Organic Shallots, 16oz from Green Thumb Organics - San Francisco Farmers Market Delivery

Shallots, 16oz

from Green Thumb Organics


An indispensable ingredient to any pantry, shallots lend a nuanced, soft, and fresh flavor to everything from dressings, to stocks, to quiches!

Delicate enough to eat raw and easy to roast to melt-in-your-mouth perfection, shallots are a flexible and supportive building block in many dishes.

About The Vendor

Green Thumb Organics

Green Thumb Organics

San Juan Bautista, CA | Website

As a fourth-generation farmer, Rudy Jimenez has farming in his blood. Growing up in Salinas, Rudy was confronted with a choice by his father, who had been working on a conventional farm for 30 years: either go to school, or you are going to end up in the fields. Rudy made a decision to stay in agriculture, but to do it his own way. He now runs Green Thumb Organics, a four-acre certified organic farm in San Juan Bautista, while offering health education programs for children of farmworkers in the area. Green Thumb Organics’ program offers healthy farm-fresh meals for the children who visit his farm. Green Thumb Organics is located on a plot at the Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association (ALBA), a 100-acre training farm that creates economic opportunities for low-income and aspiring organic farmers.

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