Organic Sour Baguette from The Acme Bread Company - San Francisco Farmers Market Delivery

Sour Baguette

from The Acme Bread Company


Leavened with naturally-occurring wild yeast starters rather than bakers yeast. The white sourdough baguettes is probably the closest that you can come to what people think of as San Francisco Sourdough.


Organic Unbleached Wheat Flour (Organic Malted Barley Flour), Water and Sea Salt 

About The Vendor

The Acme Bread Company

The Acme Bread Company

Berkeley, CA | Website

Steven and Suzie Sullivan founded The Acme Bread Company in 1983 to bake bread for restaurants and stores who wanted to offer better bread than was generally available on the wholesale market at the time. Today the company is run by a group of five managing share-holders including Rick Kirkby, Claudio Rezende, Monica Contois along with Steven and Suzie.

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